Careers - Contract Salesperson


StepUp to Learn seeks to change the way the world looks at early childhood education! StepUp is a movement-based learning program that combines gross motor development with academic learning. Programs are designed to help children strengthen neural networks in the brain that are foundational to fluent reading decoding, handwriting, and recall of math facts.

Role: Contract Salesperson

The ideal candidate for this role is a teacher, former teacher, or therapist. You have experience working in schools or teaching elementary school children, and most importantly you have experience using StepUp to Learn programs in an educational setting. You are networked with people who work in schools and you are familiar with training and professional development. You have an outgoing personality and you communicate effectively. A background in sales is not required, but prior experience in sales or events is helpful.


  • Organize professional development workshops for therapists & academic support staff in your community once a year.
  • Network with therapists in-person and online in your community.
  • Attend StepUp to Learn’s online community Zoom calls to network with therapists and keep up with updates to the software and program put out by Company headquarters.
  • Use your network to earn referrals to present StepUp to schools based on successful student outcomes and your professional reputation in the community.
  • Conduct in-person demos of StepUp programs with PreK-Grade 2 classes (usually a PreK or Kindergarten class) to show school administrators and teachers how the program works in their own classroom setting with their own students; follow the demos with a brief meeting to review with teachers and administrators the neuroscience research behind StepUp to Learn programs.
  • Prepare price quotes and close sales for software, training, workbooks, and step stools which are the components of all school implementations.
  • Complete live training for teachers or enroll teachers in online training provided by Corporate.
  • Follow up with new school accounts to answer teacher questions that may arise.

Position Type: Contract

Compensation is a percentage of sales in your territory including 100% of any in-person training you do. This role is ideal for someone who is already working in the academic support space. Experience implementing StepUp to Learn programs is essential.

Please contact if you are interested in this role.