StepUp was created by an audiologist who saw drastic improvements in academic and behavioral outcomes by combining kinesthetic learning, rhythm, and repetition with early learning curriculum. StepUp programs are now used by hundreds of schools in over 17 countries and have been shown to increase scores in reading and math. 

Reading Growth Target Using MAP Test

Percentage of students meeting reading growth target 

A one year study in seven Illinois elementary schools showed that students who participated in StepUp for 12-15 minutes per day outperformed other elementary grade levels in the district that did not implement the program. They exceeded the national average for growth in both reading and math, making a large jump in percentile rank in both categories. There was a 23% increase in the number of students that met their reading growth target on the MAP test compared to the previous year. Growth in reading scores exceeded the national average by 19%. Growth in math scores exceeded the national average by 24%.

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 Math, Engagement, and Behavior

Students using StepUp showed greater improvement in math, behavior, and engagement in the intervention period compared to the control period. A study using Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS) showed significant difference in the math numbers/operations algebra scores between using traditional instruction and using the movement-based StepUp curriculum. Behavior and engagement were measured using best practices observational checklists. 

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Writing Fluency

Average Percent Change

A study found Kindergarteners participating in StepUp showed significantly more growth in writing fluency, especially in the area of letter fluency. When compared to a control group, 21% more StepUp students were able to complete a number writing assessment and 25% more StepUp students were able to complete an alphabet writing assessment.

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LAC-3 & Visagraph

A study testing phonemic awareness, syllable perception and eye-movement coordination using LAC-3 and Visagraph assessments showed significant growth in students using StepUp programs. 

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