NeuroNet Program 0

NeuroNet Program 0

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  • Intended for children ages 5 to 7 years.

  • This program is for families with an accredited NeuroNet provider.

  • Annual subscription includes a set of NeuroNet workbooks.

  • Monthly subscriptions do not include workbooks. You can purchase workbooks here.

Program 0 will benefit children who have basic academic skills but lack fluency in those skills. It teaches problem-solving using the skills of pattern completion and muscle memory. It requires ongoing engagement and on-time matching of hand movement, foot movement, and talking. Exercise sequences target visual and auditory processing (auditory memory and auditory discrimination), along with coordination of speech and movement patterns. Children develop rhyme awareness for reading decoding, math skills for computation and subitizing, and integrated visual-auditory-motor memory for handwriting fluency. Although handwriting is no longer a significant part of the curriculum in many states, research continues to show that we remember more of what we write than what we see, hear, or type. The ability to learn and remember is a critical skill for all children for all subjects at any age.