How Do NeuroNet's Online Nanodegrees for Therapists Work?

How do NeuroNet's online Nanodegrees work for therapists? This post provides an overview of one of NeuroNet's software programs as well the online course experience for therapists.

NeuroNet is a research-based learning readiness program that combines gross motor development with academic skills. Program exercises require children to move, listen, and organize speech patterns in rhythm. The objective of NeuroNet is to help students become more fluent with basic reading, math, and motor skills.

NeuroNet makes it easy for parents to complete daily home practice with their children by following the software which progresses by Level and Week. The video below provides an overview of the first Level and Week of practice found in NeuroNet's Program 1 software.

Therapists may become certified to offer NeuroNet programs by completing one of NeuroNet's Online Nanodegrees

Completing a Nanodegree is simple. When you sign up, you'll receive an email inviting you to create your account so you can start right away. Once logged into our Training Portal, you'll see user-friendly menus outlining your course modules which are accessible by computer, mobile, or tablet.

The system automatically keeps track of what modules you have completed and where you left off. As you complete the course modules, you'll receive feedback from our staff in the NeuroNet office who are here to support you during the course and as you begin to use NeuroNet programs with your students.

As a Certified NeuroNet Provider, you will receive access to multiple software programs depending on which Nanodegree you choose. The Early Learning suite of software programs is designed to help children ages 3 to 6 develop learning readiness by reaching developmental milestones in hearing, balance, and communication. These programs may also be appropriate for older children who have developmental delays. 

The Integrated Rhythms Nanodegree includes three distinct software programs which can be used to help learners who struggle with language processing, balance, or motor skills. Programs are typically used with children between the ages of 7 and 15. Read more about each Nanodegree here.

All of the following is included in the cost of your Nanodegree registration:

• NeuroNet intake and evaluation protocols

• Online Data and Usage Tracking and parent data pages for progress monitoring

• Access to iPad fluency assessments for clients

NeuroNet Nanodegrees are offered monthly. Register by the 25th of each month to begin on the 1st of the following month.

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