Integrated Rhythms is back!

Big news! We are bringing back the Integrated Rhythms program with some awesome new functionality. Integrated Rhythms was our most popular therapy program before we released the Classroom Enrichment programs. 

Integrated Rhythms is a 16-week therapy program that includes 8 daily exercises:

  • 4 Gross Motor 
  • 2 Rapid Naming 
  • 2 Listen, Talk and Write

We'll also be introducing Puzzle Badges. Puzzles bring inferential thinking to the StepUp to Learn programs and making those puzzles collectible badges gives a child a tangible measure of progress. At the end of each day of practice, you earn a puzzle piece. As you earn more pieces, you can try to infer what the image is. On the fifth day, the badge is earned and it animates and comes to life. Then, it goes into your badge collection. You can find associated research on the educational value of puzzles here and here

Jett, our StepUp mascot will make his debut in the Integrated Rhythms program, too. He'll give users special messages from time to time. 

Integrated Rhythms will be made available to all therapists who have an active license on StepUp to Learn. The program will be available for parents to purchase on the StepUp to Learn store as an annual license, including a set of the program's 4 workbooks, or as a monthly subscription.

If you would like to renew your license to StepUp to Learn including the full suite of NeuroNet programs, you can do so here.

Stay tuned for updates on the new release of Integrated Rhythms!