iPad Assessments on StepUp

Use the StepUp to Learn iPad Assessments to measure growth in student achievement. The iPad assessment is recommended for all classrooms using NeuroNet PreK and NeuroNet Program 0. The NeuroNet Program 1 assessment may be used individually with older students struggling to gain fluency with letter names, numbers, math facts, beginning sounds, or rhyming. Here's how to get started:

1. Login to StepUp, click assessments, and then add your student roster.

2. Use your iPad to download the StepUp assessment app from the Apple App Store. Then complete the assessment with students. Each student assessment requires less than 8 minutes.

(Please note: If you previously used the NeuroNet assessment app, you will need to download the StepUp Student Assessments app from the app store. You can delete the NeuroNet iPad assessment app from your devices. You will not be able to login to the NeuroNet assessment app with your StepUp username and password.)

Aim to complete the first iPad assessment by the end of September to establish baseline scores. Assess a second time in December to gain access to mid-year growth scores. Assess a third time in May to measure growth for the year.