NeuroNet Software Updates for Schools

We are excited to announce the release of software updates for the StepUp to Learn platform which will be ready for teachers in the fall.

Puzzle Badges. Puzzle Badges bring inferential thinking into the classroom in a fun and motivating way. At the end of each Day of Practice, your class will receive one piece of the Puzzle Badge for the week. As students earn more puzzle pieces, the class can try to infer what is shown in the puzzle. Once earned, the badge animates and comes to life. You can find associated research on the educational value of puzzles here and here.
Analytics Dashboard. Administrators and teachers will be able to see their school's dashboard analytics and invite teachers to confirm their accounts if they have not yet done so. 
Pacing Algorithm. Improvements to the pacing algorithm will make it easier for teachers to pick up where they left off in the program and reduce the need to scroll to find their level and day.

Introducing Jett, the StepUp to Learn Mascot. Jett will appear from time to time to offer special instructions to your class as students participate in StepUp exercises.
iPad Assessment Reminders. At the beginning of the school year, teachers will be prompted with the option to enter the dates on which they plan to administer the iPad assessment. Notifications will then appear within the StepUp to Learn application as a reminder to complete the assessments. 

NeuroNet's Installed Software Applications. We will continue to support the suite of installed NeuroNet software applications. If you have any questions about migrating to the cloud-based version of NeuroNet on StepUp to Learn please reach out to and we will be happy to assist you.