NeuroNet in the News: Shaping Brighter Futures in South Africa

Essential reading, mathematics and handwriting skills are at the centre of a learner readiness programme implemented at three primary schools in the Gamagara district.

The programme utilises movement-based learning techniques rooted in neuroscience research, and is designed to help foundation phase learners to develop proficiency in key subjects.

This NeuroNet Learning Programme is funded by Reisa Solar in collaboration with Siyawela Ready to Succeed, the implementing partners. Through this, seven community members have also been empowered with valuable skills and work experience, enhancing their employability. The programme offers a comprehensive range of curricula, catering for learners from pre-school to Gr. 4. This is structured across eight levels, each comprising 20 sessions.

“Since the programme’s initiation, remarkable strides have been observed in learners’ proficiency,” stated Paula du Plooy, executive director of Siyawela Ready to Succeed. “An initial struggle with basic movements has transformed into marked improvements in movement, phonics, counting, and action rhymes.”

The seven community members were selected and trained by Siyawela to facilitate NeuroNet sessions for participating Gr. R and Gr. 1 learners. With constant support and mentoring from Siyawela, these sessions enable teachers to assess learners’ progress and identify areas requiring additional support. Through NeuroNet Learning, learners and the community do not only benefit from educational growth, but also from essential life skills, thereby shaping brighter futures.

“This programme is truly remarkable, and a huge push for learners. It helps them develop important skills across various areas,” said a headmaster at one of the participating schools. “It has not only enhanced learners’ conduct, but has also instilled a greater sense of discipline.” The three primary schools – Deben, Maikaelelo and Noord-Kaap – form part of Reisa’s Ubuntu Schools Programme.

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